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Life Proverbs by ConFUHscious

2010-01-21 18:10:52 by Fuhjem

If you don't listen to people when they tell you to stop, you are either a terrible listener or an excellent rapist.

When life hands you lemons, use them to make the cuts on your wrist hurt even more, you fucking emo.

Why work hard to create art and literature when you can have shirtless men and millions of hormonal post-pubescent girls to pay for your bills.

These are life's little lessons in the modern day world.

Our 2010 intro clip

2010-01-16 22:46:56 by Fuhjem

So I've been tinkering with this for a long while, and got what I believe to be a good Logo Clip for future movies and games. Enjoy!
P.S. You might want to just visit the youtube page. :P

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Fuhjem Studios 2010

2010-01-03 18:31:30 by Fuhjem

Awwwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

Could this be our year?

Fuhjem Studios 2010

Dun... Dun...

2010-01-02 14:09:23 by Fuhjem


Now that christmas morning is dead and finished (new mic, yay!), I have a question that needs answering.

I only have enough money for one game (and some left over to Pre-order Mass Effect 2), so my question is, what should I buy?

I own an Xbox 360.

Favorite genres include:

I've been looking into buying Fallout 3 now that the GOTY edition is out, but I'm not too sure.


Whoring out my voice acting skills.

2009-12-19 22:26:14 by Fuhjem

Hello there, I'm Frank! I'm the guy who narrated the entire movie for Hobo Crusher American Car, Fuhjem's most popular and only flash movie to date.

As of now I'm going to sell my sex ser... I mean Voice Acting services to the fine young peoples of, for FREE!

I can do many voices, big and small, but my specialty is in the crazy range. Generally, my voice is low-pitched when I talk.

Go check out my voice in HCAC, NOW!

Other movies I've voiced include

The Pokemon Sprite Movie Series, whic I also made myself. (on my personal account, that is)

Well, that's probably my only notable work.

Ask me if you need me!

Our First Movie is out!

2009-12-15 16:33:12 by Fuhjem

Hobo Crusher American Car is out now!

And a week early, too!

Art, News, and Gay Bars

2009-12-14 21:51:15 by Fuhjem

Apparently Lauren didn't understand the
Art Portal rules. Thanks for the notice, M-Bot.


In other news, the first animation created
by me for Fuhjem will be arriving next
week in the form of a commercial I made
for my Game Design Class.

In our game design class (by our, I mean
mine, Lauren's, and the soon to be met
Matt) we use this little program called Alice.
Alice is something that no self-respecting
game designer would use, but it helps to
teach the basics. I mean, c'mon, we're only
high school students!

The commercial I made was for a game that
I'm making in the class as part of the Final
Project we're doing (It's a 1 semester class).

So expect our first animation sometime next week!

- Frank

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2009-11-25 15:01:51 by Fuhjem

Well hello ladies and Gentlemen!
It's Lauren Here!
Head Designer and Illustrator.
You can find alot of my individual work here:

or you can find me on here.
We'll Soon be releasing stuff after we gather up everything necessary.
And Get Our Minds In Order and Stock Up On Doughnuts.
But Yeah. Stay Tuned!

Hi, I'm Frank Margarella, founder and Creative Director of Fuhjem Studios.

This is the official Newgrounds Profile for Fuhjem Studios.
My personal unofficial profile can be seen here.

Hope great things from us in the future.

-Frank Margarella, founder and Creative Director for Fuhjem Studios

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