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2010-06-05 16:44:03 by Fuhjem

Picture explains it all.


Maybe This?

2010-02-28 12:25:46 by Fuhjem

Could be a teaser for a new series.
Could involve the greatest secret agent of all time, Bob Smith, but who knows?
Fuck, I'll prolly give up.

Maybe This?

Unsure of Technique.

2010-02-23 21:56:47 by Fuhjem

Hmm, i'm in a pickle here.

I don't know wether to tween or FBF my new series.
Tweening is cleaner, but FBF looks more impressive.

If I had a tablet, I'd go FBF all the way, but I don't so it would be extremely sloppy.

Any suggestions?

Unsure of Technique.

Pico Day Submission

2010-02-23 16:12:20 by Fuhjem

After much thought (a whole 20 seconds of it!) I've decided that the first episode of my newest series will be a Pico Day Movie!

I haven't even began with the animation process of the new series, so shoving Pico into it's hole won't be a problem in the slightest!

LuciousJ is still doing music for it, as well as voicing the main character, Tom Oskar.

Me and other friends will be doing other voices.I'll try to get my friend, Sean, to do Pico's voice.

Look forward to Something Tits coming: this Pico Day!

Pico Day Submission

Teaming up with LuciousJ

2010-02-22 21:26:44 by Fuhjem

I've known LuciousJ for awhile when he was known as Jon. Found out he was a NGer a few weeks ago. We've teamed up to bring you some sexy shit.

He's a musician and a damn good one, too.
Here's some of his best:

-Return My Top Hat At Once!
-Relevant Elephant
-Forsaken Cleavage

Check him out and touch his nether-regions, give a speculation towards LuciousJ!

Teaming up with LuciousJ

FunnyJunk Funny

2010-02-13 20:47:08 by Fuhjem

Apparently I am FunnyJunk Funny. 0482/LIFE+is+such/

Peter Molyneux

2010-02-12 20:36:30 by Fuhjem

It's becoming more and more obvious that Peter Molyneux smokes weed.
Probably why he is such a good game designer.

Revenue Sharing!

2010-02-07 11:22:11 by Fuhjem

Just started it yesterday. Hopefully this will drive me to start making better quality flash.


It's going good. It's going funny.

The Scripted Camera is really working it's magic and allowing more interesting camera angles.

Still not sure if I'm going to continue with the battle system I've had in past Pokemon Sprite Movies.

Pokemon Sprite Movie Reboot

2010-02-01 20:25:46 by Fuhjem

Well, my old series, Pokemon Sprite Movie, has gotten old and crusty and hairy and bitchy and whorey.

And when in Rome, do as the Romans so like the big time movie makers I'm doing a reboot of my series starring Billy, Squirtle, and those other assholes you never learned to love because NONE OF YOU FUCKERS EVER WATCHED THE DAMN THING!
Well, anyways, I'm just beginning the whole thing and it's not going to suck horribly like the old one did.

Pokemon Sprite Movie 4
Pokemon Sprite Movie 3
Pokemon Sprite Movie 2
Pokemon Sprite Movie 1

Need a name suggestion, anyone got one?
Pokemon Sprite Movie seems quite dry.


2010-01-31 09:39:26 by Fuhjem

Beat Mass Effect 2 yesterday.

It was tits awesome. TITS AWESOME!!!

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